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Unexpected Challenges

In the course of in-depth discussions with our customers, our troubleshooting activities, and tens of thousands of on-site visits, we at xn i-solutions have consistently observed that virtually every small and medium-sized business experiences many or all of these IT support challenges

  • Problems with network servers resulting in loss of productivity, data, and revenue.
  • Viruses at the desktop and server levels, which significantly compromise the security and reliability of the network.
  • Insufficient desktop maintenance resulting in blue screens, application problems, and loss of productivity.
  • Failure to back-up data resulting in the irretrievable loss of valuable corporate and customer information.
  • Unsolicited emails (spam) introducing viruses and preventing the delivery of critical business e-mail.
  • Insufficient firewall protection, enabling competitors and hackers to access the network.



xn i-solutions provides support and technology offerings that address these common IT support challenges, enabling our customers to maintain a reliable and productive IT environment with less overhead and fewer headaches.



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xn i-solutions Support Methodology

xn i-solutions showed us how there SBC solution with Propalms can play a major role in helping our remote sites work more efficiently with a relatively low cost and a proven ROI”

“Through every step of the process xn i-solutions has been efficient, organized, patient and incredibly professional”






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