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“While cost reduction remains a major business driver in the financial services industry, there is a major focus on growing revenue through targeting new customers and sectors.”

Banks, insurance carriers, brokerage firms and other financial services institutions recognize the advantages of open access to critical data, but must first ensure the integrity and security of their network. The sensitivity of financial data traversing the Internet is of paramount importance to the entire financial services industry.

In the U.S., organizations must conform to key privacy/security and corporate governance laws such as the Gramm-Leach Bliley Act (GLBA) and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. Just as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) sets forth rules for protecting Patient Health Information, these rules compel financial organizations to secure and protect non-public personal information (NPI) and to comply with established standards for corporate governance.

xn i-solutions’ Response

xn i-solutions empowers mobile workers, branch offices, remote agents, partners, and customers - any authorized user - with secure and immediate access to crucial financial information. With xn i-solutions , global financial services organizations can make their applications and network-based data securely available to an authorized community of users - anywhere, on a 24x7 basis.

xn i-solutions offers a complete portfolio of solutions to help financial services organizations address security issues and meet certification requirements with confidence. xn i-solutions secure application access solutions offer high availability and redundancy, protect NPI (non-public personal information) with strong authentication and authorization


for enterprise-wide policy enforcement and create audit trails of network access right down to the user and application level.

Most importantly, xn i-solutions allows financial institutions to realize these benefits cost-effectively and with minimal implementation-cost overhead.

While cost reduction remains a major business driver in the financial services industry, there is a major focus on growing revenue through targeting new customers and sectors. Financial institutions continue to invest in using the internet and associated technologies such as web services to better connect internal lines of business and externally between the organization, its partners and clients.

At the same time, financial institutions in most market places are under increasing scrutiny from regulators determined to protect customers and minimize risk. While governments worldwide are forcing financial institutions to seriously crack down on money laundering. Push for more efficiency, there are many varied challenges faced by institutions across the retail and commercial banking, securities, asset management and insurance sectors. But across all of them, the push for back-office efficiency, along with business and regulatory drivers, is prompting the need for architecture refreshes. New integration strategies are also necessary to break down silos of functionality.


By working with xn i-solutions , financial institutions can achieve these goals. xn i-solutions has expert engineers within the financial sector to deliver solutions that combine speed-to-market with the traditional values associated with business-critical solutions: robustness, availability and scalability.





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