Free IT Assessment Offer

Special Offer

Free IT Assessment offer – a $500 value!

"…are you experiencing issues with poor network performance?"

"…has your network infrastructure grown in an uncontrolled manner?"

"…are you confident you understand one of your most valuable assets — the network, well enough to guarantee service delivery?"

xn i-solutions would like to extend a special Offer: A “FREE” IT Assessment Offer – a $500 value. We’ll come to you and evaluate your current IT environment for reliability, security and efficiency for no cost to you - Confidentiality ensured.

Your free IT Assessment includes: A review of your current computer network and management system, covering typical network hot spots as well as an evaluation of the existing hardware, software, and e-mail system. Beyond the equipment and process review, we speak with employees and others who rely on IT resources to get things done to ensure that we address areas that inhibit employee productivity and data security.

We will evaluate your:

  • Current computer network and management system
  • Existing hardware, software and e-mail systems
  • Current environment's reliability - security, productivity, safety of backed up data
  • Environment's ability to block viruses and unwanted network intrusions.


During the site audit, we will rate your current system for reliability in the areas of security, productivity, and reliability of stored and backed up information. The security review tests your current ability to block viruses and unwanted network intrusions. The productivity review assesses the amount of current downtime your employees and customers are experiencing due to network and hardware/software problems. We also check your current back-up strategy to see how your valuable data is being stored and protected for later use.

When we're done, you'll have an accurate picture of where your IT environment is now and where it needs improvement. Even if you're confident everything is running smoothly, this is a great way to get peace of mind from the small business IT experts. Even if you don’t use our services, our free assessment can give you some ideas that you can use right away to improve your network.

At xn i-solutions we will do “Whatever IT takes” to help you succeed


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