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Network Solutions – “It’s more than just a technical solution”

A proven backup solution, solid virus protection and a firewall is the bare minimum of needs to ensure protection from disaster, hacking and virus threats. Adequate anti-virus protection includes filtering of web content, incoming mail scanning, desktop virus protection and server virus protection. xn i-solutions Network Solution includes protection of all susceptible devices, computers and servers.

  • E-mail gateways / Anti Spam
  • Firewall deployment
  • Anti-Virus
  • Remote Access solutions
  • VPN / SSL technologies
  • Authentication / Access Controls
  • Wired / Wireless environments
  • URL / IM Filtering Bandwidth / Application controls

Security Solutions
Firewall and Security - xn i-solutions we firmly believe that Firewall protection is one of the most important features to any network solution. Although, your business may not be the intended target for hacking, it is the untargeted broadcasts that hackers unleash that can cause the most serious problems which cause the Denial of Service Attacks, etc. Firewalls keep you network protected from unauthorized access. When you connect a computer to the public internet, you immediately become vulnerable. Firewalls restrict network access to unauthorized users, but also unauthorized applications
xn i-solutions engineers have the proven expertise in installing simple firewalls through to complete complex security systems. As the market constantly evolves xn i-solutions evaluate new products and procedures so they can offer the best fit solutions to the clients.

Backup / Anti-Virus Solutions
A backup solution (including disaster recovery and business continuity planning) is arguably the most important part of a functioning computer network system. xn i-solutions applies proven backup hardware and software solutions that are cost effective and provide solid protection and piece-of-mind in the event of a disaster.


Anti-Virus – With new Viruses threats out every other day it becomes cumbersome over time to stay current with new virus updates. xn i-solutions ensures computer security and reliability for your entire organization and actively protect your computers and files from virus attacks.

Server Solutions
xn i-solutions offers the best cost effective Server solutions to our clients. We have expertise in the several areas like;

  • File and Print Servers
  • Email Servers
  • Terminal Servers
  • Web Servers
  • Database Servers

Desktop Solutions
xn i-solutions can install and support your entire computer network systems. xn i-solutions expertise with "Any infrastructure" extends all the way to the desktop systems and all associated desktop software.
xn i-solutions has a proven capability to manage desktop systems to avoid problems but also has a proven track record of reacting to problems quickly.
Buying new desktops to replace old ones can be a thing of the past. Thin client server computing has become a popular and valuable computing platform for small businesses. In a Thin client server computing solution all the resources are essentially running on the Terminal servers as opposed to desktops. When users run an application on a terminal server, the application execution takes place on the server, and only keyboard, mouse and monitor information is transmitted over the network or Internet. The Terminal Server component of Microsoft Windows Servers lets you deliver Windows-based applications using Citrix’s ICA protocol, or the Windows desktop itself using Microsoft’s RDP, to virtually any computing device. Microsoft, Propalms, Citrix, and Wyse play important roles in proper deployment and use of terminal services. xn i-solutions has expertise in these areas and can help you deliver and add as much value as possible to your business needs.


All of xn i-solutions offerings have our customers and their business objectives at their centre. Before we deliver any solution, we examine the business requirement. We use this assessment to ensure that at every stage, from planning and implementation through to support, the solution meets clearly defined, agreed and measurable outputs.



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