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Mixed Computing Solution

Some organizations may not want to migrate all of their applications to server-based computing at once. For example, an organization may use certain heavy-duty applications such as CAD/CAM or programming compilers. These applications require lots of CPU and memory resources and put a substantial strain on the server. It may not be ideal to run these programs in a server-based computing (SBC) architecture.


xn i-solutions Mixed computing solution allows companies to migrate some programs to SBC and keep others on users local desktops. Our solution allows local applications and server- based applications to be managed and delivered within the same desktop. Users can access SBC programs running on the server or local programs running on their local computers.


All of xn i-solutions offerings have our customers and their business objectives at their centre. Before we deliver any solution, we examine the business requirement. We use this assessment to ensure that at every stage, from planning and implementation through to support, the solution meets clearly defined, agreed and measurable outputs.



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