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xn i-solutions CDP Eliminates Risk of Data Loss

Current backup solutions do an adequate job of replicating data, but they do not solve the pain that plagues small and medium sized businesses: downtime after data loss, and the inability to recover data that existed a moment before an interruption.  xn i-solutions CDP (continuous data protection) protects business data every moment of every day, and reduces downtime after failure from hours or days to minutes.

Enterprises learned years ago – that as the value, complexity, and volume of their data increases, traditional fixed-schedule backup to tape or CD no longer provides adequate protection. In today's mobile economy people and their data are moving between home, business trips, and vacation. Data is shared between employees, remote workers, partners, and clients. Yet small businesses are limited to unreliable and cumbersome tape, disk, and software products that do not meet today's market requirements.

xn i-solutions solves this problem.  xn i-solutions CDP (continuous data protection) captures all versions of files and databases in real-time, not just those versions that existed during a backup cycle. Therefore, if a file or database transaction is lost in-between a backup cycle, any user on the network is able to instantly restore it.


This instant recovery of any version of any file by any user literally provides a return on investment (ROI) in less than one day of down time.

Some large businesses do not have the budget, staff, or expertise to integrate disparate backup and data recovery technologies from enterprise focused vendors. These previously ignored businesses require an affordable, robust, yet simple to use solution that solves the pain of managing exploding data volumes.

With the  xn i-solutions CDP solution, every time a file is saved it’s instantly backed up locally to itself, and also pushed to a secure offsite location – hassle and hands free. In fact, with  xn i-solutions CDP users can dial back one minute, one hour, one day, or to any point.  If a file is corrupted, accidentally overwritten, infected with a virus, or lost in a hard drive failure, any user on the network can dial back to a moment before the interruption.

Most enterprises and large businesses use tape-based backup on a fixed-schedule. Fixed-schedule backup requires that a person either insert a tape or copy files to disk. Both methods require manual intervention, have a very high failure rate, are prone to human error, and many times require an IT consultant to recover files.  xn i-solutions CDP eliminates these problems.


All of xn i-solutions offerings have our customers and their business objectives at their centre. Before we deliver any solution, we examine the business requirement. We use this assessment to ensure that at every stage, from planning and implementation through to support, the solution meets clearly defined, agreed and measurable outputs.



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