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Extracting IT value

IT departments are under greater pressure than ever to demonstrate the value of technology to the business. Most IT departments have been asked to deliver substantial cost reductions as the organization realizes that the management of the infrastructure is where the real costs of IT are generated. The message is: make more of what you have, with many organizations being unwilling to make substantial investments in new technology projects.

xn i-solutions helps you find creative solutions that deliver savings from technology architectures at the same time as improving IT service and infrastructure. Above all, we can help transform the perception of IT from a cost, to an engine for business growth.

Our solutions include:

a) Infrastructure consolidation: reducing the complexity of existing IT infrastructures by migrating to new, more efficient


platforms. This also involves identifying spare IT capacity in one part of the organization and using it to support other business processes. xn i-solutions understanding of the latest storage and networking and operating system technologies including SANs and virtualization play an important role here.

b) Outsourcing or solution co-sourcing: in the past outsourcing has suffered from a short-term approach to bottom line savings that inhibits the long-term growth and flexibility of the organisation. xn i-solutions takes a more strategic approach to outsourcing. While cost is still a critical issue, we ensure that any outsourcing contract is also founded on support of quantifiable business objectives. We are also highly experienced in co-sourcing options where we share the day-to-day responsibility for IT systems and the processes they enable.


We take pride in our strong client relationships and our passion for delivering intelligent, creative solutions on time and within budget. From consultancy, deployment and integration through to training and managed services, xn i-solutions makes IT service provision easier for our clients and so helps them consolidate and grow their business.




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