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Business Agility

xn i-solutions can help you build a more agile business by aligning architectures with overall objectives. We will ensure that IT infrastructures are primed to respond quickly to competitive threats or changes in business direction.

xn i-solutions understands that for its customers business agility is much more than an industry buzzword.

Some of the advantages of IT and business agility includes:

  • Better understanding of market dynamics and anticipate customer needs;
  • Faster decision making through better access to information;
  • Access to critical business applications wherever and whenever they are needed;
  • Automatic deployment of resources based on evolving business needs;
  • Improved maintenance and higher customer service levels.


xn i-solutions ’ resources

xn i-solutions delivers business agility through our experience of working with a wide range of organizations. Here are some of the ways we can help:

  • Strategy consulting: xn i-solutions consultants take an holistic view of the organization’s business objectives and recommend IT strategies that enhance agility.
  • Architecture: we build architectures that adapt easily to change. By reducing complexity businesses increase their overall flexibility;
  • Utility computing and on-demand services: these deliver flexible capacity, instant capacity, metered capacity and flexible support services;
  • Enterprise management software: enables enterprises to switch the use of IT resources to meet the changing needs of the organization. For example, storage, processing and network usage;
  • Business continuity and security: these deliver continuous, secure operations and ensure that the systems that support the agile business are reliable and always available;
  • Storage virtualization: the realignment of IT infrastructures to make storage available on demand;
  • Professional services: a highly skilled pool of external resources that can be called on when required to respond to project or service demands.


We take pride in our strong client relationships and our passion for delivering intelligent, creative solutions on time and within budget. From consultancy, deployment and integration through to training and managed services, xn i-solutions makes IT service provision easier for our clients and so helps them consolidate and grow their business.




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